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Mind, Body, & Soul Food

We often hear the phrase along the lines of “Don’t look to be eye candy, but to be soul food.” Well, what does being ‘Soul Food’ entail?

Soul Food is anything that adds value to your life and adds purpose to your existing habits. It’s creating solidity and structure to your life, to aid in your spiritual strength so you can discern what’s meant for you in this life. It’s keeping an eye on the media you allow to consume your thoughts and idle time, so you can think your thoughts. It’s filling your days with mindful actions and taking care of your gut health, so you can trust it. Nutrition is essential, considering the things you put into your body affect your mental health and wellness. Physical activity is also mentally stimulating just as much as it is physically. If this is something that is a challenge, work to create a plan that will ease you into your new habits and hobbies. Start with more leafy greens, fruit/vegetable intake, stretching, and 15-30 minutes of physical activity that increases your heart rate. Once you get your heart beating and the blood flowing through your body and brain, you’ll begin to notice how much of your body is on autopilot. Your soul can’t expand if it's restricted to limits you’ve placed on your body.

In this New Moon, New Year phase, there’s prime energy to set intentions and routines that will liberate your soul from the shackles of ego. It’s important to healthily navigate the ego and soul, because the ego is forever a part of you, but not the entirety of your experience here in this lifetime. This will be a year of making sacrifices to get to those places within your consciousness and physical realm that you’ve been working toward. We will continue building routines that give us space to be our most authentic and aligned selves.

We have entered a numerological 6 years, where our souls will flourish in the nurturing, grounding energy of the Capricorn stellium. The number 6 signifies health, love, community, relationships, etc... This is the year of fulfilling your soul's desires and destiny. At the time of writing this, most of the inner planets (Sun, Moon, Venus, and Pluto) are in Capricorn, guiding you toward owning your vulnerability, recovery, and redemption. With redemption, create a plan for your vision, and follow-through for your benefit. It’s not to completely disregard the opinions and help of others, but nobody will ever achieve your goals for you so take it into your own hands and receive help where it’s necessary.

We’re being guided to lock in with ourselves, solidifying our values and our truths. When acquiring your soul food, think long term, this isn’t a time for quick fixes of dopamine. You know where you’re selling yourself short, self-sabotaging and where you need to start going harder. 2021 was about learning the lessons, 2022 is about applying the knowledge and wisdom. This year we combine “I am” with “We are”. Your connectedness to everything is a part of your soul's growth and nourishment.

Further into 2022, you’ll have the opportunity to join Teyeshai’s Sacred Circle, where you’ll have access to courses and modules to aid in your soul's liberation. Follow @teyeshai to stay as close to the celebration of the circle as possible!

There are going to be things you have to accomplish and tackle on your own, but you are one piece of a whole community, that is home to other souls who will help you expand. Your mind, body, and soul, will learn to know no limits this year, to see past the limits of what you knew in the past. A person who is not just eye-candy but also soul food is a person who knows that they know nothing but are open to learning, open to nuances, open to adventure. Physical routine, Mental Stimulation, and Spiritual Strength will be the 3 main keys to 2022.

Things to think about:

  • What does Soul Food mean to me?

  • What can I start today that will benefit me long-term?

  • How can I connect with my community more? Where can I take up space?

  • How can I show more love to my friends, family, and community?

  • Where do I need more structure? Where should I allow more freedom?

  • How can I acquire a balance between my mind, body, and soul?

Indiya Tyshai

@teyeshai // @indiyatyshai

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