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Navigating New Beginnings

I’m currently in the process of being undone & watching everything that was done fall apart so what God is now doing can emerge. I’m starting over again.

I am constantly evolving & shifting my perspectives, so I know that this time I’m not starting over from scratch. There’s wisdom connected to all of my wounds. I’m trying to figure out how to navigate these new beginnings, & I’ve found that the only way is to go through the heartbreak, the bad days, & the pit moments instead of trying to strategically go around them in our own strength. The only way is simply by letting go.

“There’s only one way to go from rock bottom” isn’t some cliche quote; I’ve learned that we get put into those moments when living with intention to fulfill our purpose because that’s the only way we release expectations… expectations of how things should play out or how God will make things happen for us. We become desperate… desperate enough to seek God, desperate enough to be open to a range of solutions. The disappointment comes when we have placed our faith in other people or resources than the main source, which is God (whoever that may be for you)… disappointed because we fixed our thoughts on a particular way.

We have to innerstand that these trials stretch our capacity to receive the newness at a more massive level than we could before we gained the power connected to each heart break. Everything we go through is to prepare us for what’s to come, that way when it feels like we’re starting over, once it is time for the old to fall apart & the new to be brought in, we have new wisdom & tools to actually navigate.

The undoing is actually the beginning to something better than what we thought or anticipated, so learn to flow. I struggle with mistaking my ability to flow with instability. Stability is one of my most desires, so I’ve never liked change much, which caused my perspective of starting over to be negative because to me that meant having to pick up pieces & build a foundation again that could maintain stability. But that’s not the case, especially when you’ve become sensitive enough to hear divine instruction, because it indicates our range & capacity has been stretched, & now we have opened up the freedom to let God place us & give provision.

Let old mindsets, habits, & the old you be released during the undoing, for they can’t serve you during navigating the new. Holding on creates blockage due to there not being any room for your new mentality & identity to emerge; you’ll be stagnant in your old ways of doing things delaying the new beginnings. Navigate these new beginnings with full trust that everything is happening for you & not to you all for your greatest good.


micayla <3

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