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NEWvember Gratitude Challenge

21 day gratitude journal, writing challenge 3 focuses to discover new things to be grateful for all November

PROMPT: HOW CAN I LIBERATE MYSELF WITH GRATITUDE? (Meditate or journal on this prompt 11/2-11/6 to focus on the 21 day challenge)

Nov. Word Bank

Everyday (starting 11/7-11/27), choose a new word that resonates with the gratitude focus of the week. Journal expressing gratitude on what surfaces for that word.

Forgiveness, acceptance, luxury, honesty, sun, water, trees, friend, bed, space, community, grace, sharing, childhood, traditions, books, kindness, comfort, equality, abundance, ancestors, intimacy, lessons, time, home, breath, life, empowerment, memories, justice, food, pets, air, thoughts

01. Thank you, God (11/7-11/13)

Write a letter of gratitude to God (your relationship with Spirit, nature, wisdom, life)

Take inventory of the resources God has given you.

Allow yourself to be still; focus on mindful breathing.

Generate joy.

02. Thank you, Self (11/14-11/20)

Write a letter of gratitude to yourself (all versions of yourself, your body, all that you have to give to yourself)

Ask yourself, do I have the capacity to accept the wonder that is my body? How can I show gratitude for my limitless spirit, potential, experiences?

Practice acts of self love & self care.

03. Thank you, World (11/21-11/27)

Write a letter of gratitude to the world (the people who have helped you learn on your journey, the external aspects in your life , all that you have to give to the world)

Compassion is the constant act of giving oneself to others. Practice showing up & giving as an act of love.

Ask yourself, what is in my heart? What do I need to forgive?

Please tag us on your Instagram story of your journal entries & feel free to submit your gratitude letters via our ‘support’ tab or in the wix group!

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