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No New Year’s Resolution

This year I decided not to go into it, creating resolutions for myself. Instead, I created intentions and with those intentions, I can maneuver in a way that will allow me to execute my intentions however I deem fit.

In the past, I've noticed with resolutions and just goals in general they’re never really realistic. I look at the new year (specifically) as a fresh start, without realizing I have to finish what was started previously before I can even think about moving forward. I just get up and go with no thought and I constantly find myself wondering why things never work out the way I planned them to be. When I honestly never planned them at all, I had resolutions with no effort behind them.

I feel like with intentions it allows me to see that my intentions will never be in fruition unless I execute them as such. No one knows my intentions behind anything unless I show them and even then they’re still seeing my execution which may or may not directly resonate with the intentions I set out. With intentions, it allows me to see my steps before I take them.

There truly is no distinct difference between goals, resolutions, intentions, etc. It’s all what you make them out to be. In the new year, one of my intentions is to continue to flow into my authentic being. To allow myself to create my own thoughts, opinions, etc. With creating “resolutions”, I created them because it’s a common thing around the new year. I think if I sit down with myself and “plan” how my year will go, it will automatically follow everything the way I planned it to be, and sometimes that just isn’t the case.

However this year may go, with intentions I will know that I fully executed each and everyone to the best of my ability. I finally put in the work towards the things I want in my life and that’s all I could ever ask of myself regardless of how anything else pans out.



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