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There’s No Such Thing As A Coincidence.

I want to start by first explaining why I’m even writing this... You see, it happened from what most would call a coincidence. I’ve been asking aloud all morning, “what message am I supposed to deliver today through this platform.“ I was texting a friend, & we were discussing her starting a business etc., & I told her it’s crazy that she felt inspired today because yesterday I wrote down a future project, The Blueprint, to give back to those with a small business or wanting to start one. Her response was, “what a coincidence!”, & I thought to myself how I no longer resonate with perception of coincidences. My intuition softly spoke,

tell more people

It clicked. Tell more people why coincidences don’t exist. Things that happen in your life, decisions you make, the little voice in your head are divinely guided & are the blueprint of your life’s purpose.

During my battles with mental health, I’ve found myself either dwelling on things that have happened or questioning why they are happening. In order to find true peace you have to surrender & know that everything happens for a reason. I’m not saying everything is a “sign”; some things happen that aren’t in our control & do more harm than good, so you have to look at your situation & ask yourself “is this a scheduled situation?”. I consider this your angels exposing you to the lesson you are supposed to gain from that moment. In moments where typically it would be a coincidence, know that it’s a moment for you to observe, soften your anxiety & strengthen your sensitivity — keeping your ears & spirit open to God’s next sound .

By taking nothing personal & observing more than being critical, you can learn to accept that things happen FOR you, not TO you. You’ll master deciphering intuition vs anxiety by remembering if it’s your intuition it will be soft & sent with love, not fear. Be mindful that it’s never JUST a coincidence; it’s clarity. Surface each lesson of your “coincidences” to navigate the path to your purpose. You have to play your role in this game of life.


micayla <3

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