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openness, prayer, & gratitude

Today I feel like this is the start of purging my soul/ body and spirit of anything that is keeping me at a not so high state of mind and physical.

I just want to be closer to God, continue to work on myself, be a vessel, be true, be kind, be love, keep my spirit and conscious pure and clear of negativity- but also not shun myself for feeling negative feelings.

I want to be gentle with myself, especially as I enter this next chapter in my life. Full of business endeavors, opportunities, and doors opening.

God give me the PEACE to handle any obstacles, STRENGTH to stabilize all of the blessings I am going to receive, LOVE to be kind and patient with myself and others, ENCOURAGEMENT to get through the rough days, CONFIDENCE to stand firm in my worth, and FAITH to know that everything has already been handled.

Thank you in advance for everything that is to come, and more importantly thank you for what you have already done for me. You’ve pulled me out of storms I thought I could not survive. Thus teaching me resilience and showing me how powerful you powerful I am because of you.

I am so thankful for my mind, my intelligence, my endurance, my love, my wisdom, my peace, my life, my family, my friends, my gifts, my health, and my spirit.

God continue to work through me, allow me to be open, honest, vulnerable, aware, intelligent, and love.

-Jada Counts

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