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Pisces Full Moon


09/20/2021 = 7

This Pisces Full Moon is also the Harvest moon, as it's the first full moon before a new season! The harvest moon is the initiation of Autumn, where life begins when the leaves fall. It will be at peak illumination from 8pm EST, on September 20th 2021, to September 22nd 2021, which is also the start of Libra season. Pisces Moon is about intuition, sensitivity, creativity, and includes your social abilities. You may have been feeling the effects of this moon 3-4 days before its peak, and will continue to experience it a few days after. This energy is not solely designated to this moon cycle, rather the moon cycle brings it back into our forefront. If you know your placements or have seen your natal chart, this is in correlation to your personal planets, as the moon is closest to the Sun.

Full Moons are good for releasing old, stagnant energy from the previous cycles. This energy is supported by the Sun in Virgo, where we focus on routine and habits. Pisces and Virgo are the mutable signs of the zodiac, allowing change and nuances to occur in your daily life. Pisces is the last of the zodiac signs, and is currently transiting the 12th house. What this means in relation to each other, is that it’s an ideal time to forgive old grudges and wrongs done unto you with tremendous amounts of love. In astrology, we follow the 12th house of solitude, self-sabotage, and transcendence, to the 1st house of self, identity, and essentially your physical form; the experiences that happen in your reality. It’s time we release the weight of these heavy burdens and past transgressions and welcome new energy in these places of our inner and outer world. It’s a time for accepting occurrences and emotions for what they are in order to truly elevate. Acknowledge where any traumas, big or small, alter your perception of your reality. Realize where you’re still living in the past. Sometimes we say we’ve let things go, that we don’t care about them anymore. We put it behind us because of the way it felt to our ego, our identity, and reputation, never genuinely healing from it. We forget that the subconscious mind has more control. It's where and how we form muscle memory. We just deal on a day-to-day basis.

This Full Moon in Pisces can aid in the release of carelessness, unhealthy lifestyles, dead-end relationships, karmic cycles and-or relationships, paranoia, and self sabotage. When releasing the old connections, it's good to not only remember, but affirm yourself that when you get out of a dead relationship, you will be met with a beautiful person who adds value to your life. You will see that when you let go, new things really do come into your life. This doesn’t go for just romantic relationships, but friendships, job opportunities, and anything else you so choose to pursue in this lifetime. Another important factor with this water moon is the relationship with your parents. This energy is also supported by Chrion being retrograde in Aries, in the 1st house, and Neptune joining Pisces in the12th house. Chiron is the wounded healer. Chrion was immortal, and left to deal with a festering wound for the rest of eternity. You may be relating to Chiron as it transits the 1st house. You may have been feeling physically ignored in the past or present, or even physically ill, finding a part of yourself lacking. This energy shows up in our physical appearance, as well as emotionally and mentally. You may not be feeling like yourself. With Neptune, you can envision and get an idea of what it is you’d like to see, feel, and experience outside of pain, but with the conjunction of the moon, it feels so far-fetched. During this transit, you can affirm to yourself that trauma you experienced with your parents, partners, or peers are naturally disappearing. Give gratitude. Thank yourself for being resilient through trials and tribulations and thank yourself for carrying you through. Be thankful through it all.

With this transit happening in your 12th house, which corresponds to Pisces, you’ll begin to notice how you may attract karmic relationships and it’s important to understand that you don’t have to claim these karmic cycles and stick through it. They are meant to show you where there is room for growth and expansion. With Mercury in Libra 22°, transiting the 7th house of your awareness of other people, you may be coming to an understanding of how to be more compassionate in the way you communicate, allowing yourself to explore your environment where you live as well as, within yourself. This will be useful as we move into Libra season, the cliché correspondence of balance and equality. You might even feel the need to get even, whether it be another person, or another version of yourself.

A corresponding theme to this Harvest moon is the self diagnosing of seasonal depression. It’s a common condition among our community, that once the colder season comes around, our moods aren’t up to par; we become less productive and more isolated. Hibernating in our minds, where in some, it paralyzes us for days-weeks and in others, numbs us out while striving to keep going. Use this moon cycle to write or take mental note of habits you no longer see yourself carrying out for the next 3 months. It is a short term goal to remain diligent and determined and to keep executing your plans no matter how cold it gets, cold in nature and in the way you nurture yourself and the environment! Remain compassionate in these times, move from a heart space and make room for love, platonically and romanticism if you so choose to. Only you know exactly what you want and how you want to be treated.

Healing your shadow and wounds is a journey you’ll be on for the rest of this lifetime. We are meant to explore the deeper meaning behind our experiences, and question our realities. You don’t have to choose the plate that was given to you, give thanks and make a better one. Teyeshai will be launching again and having a Shadow Workshop where you will be provided a guide with explanations as to what shadow healing is, and an abundance of prompts that will open your mind to who you are to yourself and others! Follow @teyeshai on instagram and subscribe to the Mental Maintenance blog for exclusive content about shadow work, healing and elevating your mental and spiritual health! ♡︎




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