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Practice What You Preach!

In time of manifestation, it is important to practice what you preach. How are you going to make something out of nothing, if you aren’t doing the work? That’s like planting a seed, and expecting it to water and nurture itself. This week's focus is bringing your desires to fruition. We covered affirmations last week, which is just first base for the amount of life you’re about to tap into!

By the words of Napoleon Hill, thoughts powered by emotion, attract like energy forms to your subconscious mind. “Each of us is what we are because of the dominating thoughts we permit to occupy our minds' (Hill, Think and Grow Rich).

Using this quote to guide you will keep you aware of the way you talk to yourself. Harboring certain thought patterns and emotions will open your energy field to similar feelings or experiences.

Practice what you preach; when setting these affirmations for yourself, about your actions, the way you treat yourself, and/or others, it’s necessary you follow up these affirmations with actions. If your affirmation is based on your consistency, ensure that you’re picking up healthy habits and consistently meeting the standard you set. This is all a part of manifestation and of co-creation. Practicing the act of listening to your intuition is a primal example of how to manifest your exact desires. After reprogramming your subconscious to a mostly positive and realistic vibration, you’ve created a stream of energy that is going to guide you closer to the opportunities and places you once “wished” for. Your intuition IS an internal guide that will tell you when and when not to go. No external sources (tarot readers, youtube videos, tiktoks) hold the amount of power that you and your intuition hold!


Manifesting through your pen ink is like a contract with yourself, ensuring that you will stick to the plan and see it through. The moment you put the pen to paper, it becomes a document from yourself, to you!

“If you plant your vision with pencil, you can weed it with steel” - T.D. Jakes

If you want to attain affluence, you must have faith and believe that you are capable of doing so. You can claim abundance, and the energy will flow through as material and nonmaterial gain. It isn’t until you specify “I gained over $1500 dollars this month to go toward my business!“, that the abundance filters itself into exactly what you’re asking for. You must have a cut-clear idea of what you want, down to the detail, dollar amount. Whether it be about material things like money, or nonmaterial like self love, let it be known that this is what you have. It isn’t enough to wish and dream about it.

Once you’ve got a clear motive, get to writing! Write as many details as you see fit, in ONE pen and ONE journal dedicated to manifestation. You can choose your own or acquire one from 444TheMental!

Write as if you’ve already acquired it, as if it’s already happened, and it’s already yours. Visualize the life you desire. See yourself accomplishing your goals, reaching the level of success. See it to believe it. It’s all written out, in present tense, you see it, you desire it, you have faith, now what? Reread and recite this, as if it’s your allegiance to your higher self! If you use prayer, pray over your blessings, expressing gratitude for the things you’ve manifested before. Release the notion that you HAVE TO HAVE IT, because in this instance, you already do!

Giving back to the community and others is one other way to bring in what you desire! It allows you to sympathize with others, even yourself by connecting to the outside world and realizing how similar we all are. Leave room for your higher power to bless you with more than what you asked for! Yes, you can specify, but try not to limit yourself either, add “and then some” “or more” at the end, to show flexibility!

Prepare to receive what you deserve! Mental Manifestations are the next step to shifting your narrative! Thank you for reading, and sticking with me thus far. Comment any questions or concerns you have!

xx, Indiya Teyeshai

@indiyatyshai @teyeshai

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