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Presence. Purpose. Power.

I used to hate it when people said happiness was a choice. I just assumed they had no idea what it was like to live with depression & always have anxiety ruining anything good that came your way. Truth is, I never knew the power I had within myself was stronger than any mental illness. Of course not immediately. I had to do a lot of training as you would when building physical strength. Our minds have to be exercised with positive affirmations everyday, meditation, etc. The more I've indulged in spirituality I've learned about mindfulness & how your perspective of life can be shifted if you simply catch yourself at the start of a negative thought. Once I realized I have the power to create my reality I understood how there’s a choice. I am all knowing. My presence has power. My healing is already in process.

You have to master knowing when to respond or react. For me, anxiety makes this a more difficult decision, so I have to repeatedly think to myself “my presence has purpose”. I made the commitment to 100% live with the intention to do what God has called me to do, & that was enough to make me believe that anything happening to me was a part of that calling. Look at negative situations as exposure — the scene of your greatest storm could be the setting of your greatest miracle. I always try asking myself in situations, “did God send this to prepare me for what’s to come?” Nothing bad happens to me. The storms happening in your life are for you to get desperate enough to turn back to your higher self & God.

You have to know how to end negative loops. You are in control of your thoughts & conversations with yourself. It just takes one positive thought to break a negative cycle. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed thinking about where to even start to be in the mental state I want. I'm sure you know how a few bad days can start to feel like the end of the world when battling your own mind everyday. Start by figuring out one positive action you can do right in that moment & from there decide the next few positive actions you do. You have the power to rebuild your foundation on positive actions to create new positive habits that become your reality.

Take your power & apply it.


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