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Protection + Emotional/Energetic Cord Cutting Prayer

thank you God for being my Source of protection. you have positioned me to have energetic dominance over all energies in disservice to me. thank you for allowing me to walk into any room as a shapeshifter; i am fluid enough to create the energy i desire & manipulate the space. i have the ability to protect my aura, & i am using my awareness to notify myself when i feel like my energetic field is in defense. i value my peace, so i will continue protecting it. thank you for removing all blockages that are creating resistance in my flow of fluidity. the cord cutting is your saving grace. forgive me for restricting separation. i am channeling my inner light to creatively heal these wounds. thank you for guiding me down the paths that keep me focused & connected to you. i am the portal for ending these cycles of emotional & energetic ties.

so it be.


micayla <3

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