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Real & Raw: WEEK 2

Themes for this week: heart chakra, fire element, honoring honesty, movement, creations, explore, heavy emotions, deconstruction, boundless, boldness

  1. Activity: Guided movement meditation (live, saved to @444themental video section)

  2. Journal prompt: Am I accepting of all of my creations? (in self, in others, etc.) Am I accepting of the destruction of my creations?

  3. Vocabulary: Define humility

  4. Journal Prompt: Do I feel like I have safe movement in my space?

  5. Find moments throughout the day where you’re able to embrace full expression (record voice memos talking to yourself, create, dance, etc.)

  6. Journal prompt: How do I reflect myself in my creations; what is my reflection?

  7. Affirmations: Write or recite these affirmations & trust that your subconscious has locked them in your heart space

  • I AM creating shifts & openly exploring new movements

  • I AM ready to step into my role with full embodiment

  • I AM capable of loving myself the way I want others to love me.

  • I AM a force to be reckoned with

  • I recognize myself in the eyes of God

Next week we will focus on blowing off steam — fully processing & releasing all that we’ve held in our inner world, & begin embracing the now in our external world.

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