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Real & Raw: WEEK 3

The focus this week is blowing off steam!

  1. Mental Maintenance Monday: live meditation on concentration (saved on our instagram video section)

  2. Journal prompt: what makes me feel free? 

  3. Giveaway entry: submit a video (reel) of you that makes you feel free (painting, dancing, meditation, singing.. etc)

  4. Activity: create steam by a hot shower, or a boiling pot. envision the steam taking what no longer resonates and replacing it with positive energy. (add essential oils/herbs for intention and specific needs)

  5. SWEAT! raise your heart rate for 10-15min and release those worries through the power of your intentional movement!

  6. Journal prompt: what is one thing you’ve always wanted to say or do to something or someone? 

Show gratitude to yourself for showing up to the last week of the Real & Raw campaign. Thank you. Allow yourself to be still & reflective.

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