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Rebirth After Your Winter Season

During the winter season, roses tend to lose their petals and wither away. By those who do not yet know how to nurture these flowers, they die and are soon forgotten. But, those who have intentionally planted these roses in their garden fully understand the value and beauty that they hold. When the season for the rose has arrived, the nurturer will take time to prune the area, creating a space for rebirth. Quickly and beautifully these roses grow back again. Quickly and beautifully you can too.

2020 and 2021 have brought a lot of us extreme loss, confusion, loneliness and isolation, and difficulties that we never truly asked for. Though this may be a season that has you as a rose during winter, please know that you have been planted in this particular garden for a reason.

< Jeremiah 29:11 > God has given you the opportunity to be reborn again.

So please, allow yourself this time to grow.

Here are a few things you can do while undergoing your rebirth:

Rearrange your living space. Whether this is just your bedroom in the house or your own apartment, rearrange your living space. On days when my head was extremely loud, I’d attempt to find comfort in my own space but all I was greeted with was irritability and discomfort. It wasn’t that I hated my apartment and needed to move. I eventually found that I just desperately needed to rearrange my space so that we both could flow better.

Take time with this. There isn’t a wrong or right way to rearrange and redesign. Create your own safe place, a place that brings you peace, a place where you can nurture yourself until you are ready to reenter the world.

Reevaluate your schedule. I will admit.. majority of the time I create an overloaded schedule. I have so many ideas and so many projects that I begin all at the same time and for whatever reason I make myself believe I need to complete ALL of these tasks in one month. Around day 2, I already find myself overwhelmed. By day 4, I am falling behind on my schedule. I start to beat myself up for it. I attempt to rush, but you shouldn’t rush art. Day 5, I figure I can skip around and try to play catch up. By the end of the week I have exhausted myself, nothing has been completed and now I have an attitude.

Fix your schedule. Recognize that you do not have to complete everything at one time! You do not have to be afraid that this is your only opportunity to do something - that if you don’t get it done now, it’ll pass you. You literally cannot fuck up anything that is meant for you. The Universe will continue to guide you time and time again, only if you listen; only if you allow Her to.

Realize that you have been chosen for this. You, yes you, have been chosen for this. I know that it may be hard. I know that you may not fully understand why all of this may be happening to you, but know that this transformation is necessary and will provide you with what you need for your new and better upcoming season.

Your time for rebirth is near. I believe in you.

Love, always - Sarai / @5arais

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