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The root chakra is our first chakra, represented by the color red, and is located at the base of our spine and includes our legs and feet. The root chakra is all about stability, security, survival, and our NEEDS. It’s associated with our basic needs needed to physically survive, like food, water, shelter, and money matters. On an emotional level, it’s linked to our needs for love, support, belonging, and connectedness. Relating the two, when our home life, environment, finances, and close relationships are lacking, it leaves us feeling ungrounded, fearful, unsupported, and disconnected.

When your material world and close relationships are shaky, how can you still create stability and security in your life? How can you still feel solid and secure in who you are?

When your external world is not meeting your needs, how can you meet your own needs for a healthy internal world?

When you feel ungrounded, worried, and unsupported, what are healthy techniques to put you at ease and provide clarity?

You have the power to give to yourself all that you need. You also have the power to attract all that you need in your external reality, and come up with the perfect plan to execute your vision. Every cell in your body contains the knowledge, ideas, and wisdom needed to support you. Your needs are important, and making sure you’re getting everything you need is crucial for you to flourish. A flower needs sun, water, care, and healthy soil for its roots to grow. When just one of those needs doesn't get met, the flower cannot blossom; it’s weak, unhealthy environment will hinder its growth.

Having our needs met, creates the basis for a solid foundation, internally and externally. When we have a solid, strong foundation, we can soar into happiness, peace, and love. We can plant all that we wish on this foundation, and reap all of the abundance. We can build so much on this new ground, with no worries that it will come crumbling down. Most importantly, if what we built does crumble, we still feel solid and secure in ourselves and abilities; we know how to meet our needs all on our own too. We are clear on what we need to thrive and we understand the high importance of each need we require. We know that when we are in an environment, relationship, or situation that isn’t fulfilling our needs, we must make a decision to remove or leave it.

Instead, call in what will meet your needs effortlessly. Who, what, and where will you be the most loved, supported, nurtured, and grounded? Now, go there.

Affirmations to balance root chakra:

  • I am deeply rooted

  • I am centered and grounded

  • I have everything I need to create the life I desire

  • I live in an abundant universe

  • I am fully supported in all that I do

Juanita @ju6nita

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