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Self-acceptance Leads to Self-love

When we think of LOVE, it comes with understanding, kindness, patience, and acceptance. All of these are components that you can practice to strengthen your love of self. Aside from an understanding, patience and acceptance are the gateway to embodying all aspects of love. Accepting yourself will inevitably lead to self love. When you accept everything for what it is, a beautiful space is created around it. It’s free to flow and exist as it is. There’s no more forcing, shaming, or judging it to be another way. When you welcome acceptance, you can immediately relax and be at peace. You rise into love.

Accepting yourself is the easiest task of all. There doesn’t have to be any reasoning or justification to decide to accept your whole self. Simply put, it’s detaching and letting go of every illusion that stands in the way of you allowing yourself to love you. Whether you’re not at the place in life you think you need to be at right now, you don’t look how you envision yourself to, even if you feel your shadow side is too much to bear. Whatever the excuse is, release it. Release your conditions, rules, expectations, and limitations that stand in the way of LOVE. Take an honest look at what the relationship with yourself is like. Pull up everything that you don’t like about yourself and your current reality, including the friends or partners you’ve attracted. Come into the present moment and meet yourself where you’re at, this version of you is just as worthy of love. They are in need of the most love, to effortlessly flow into their future self. Don’t withhold love and don’t place conditions like “until” onto your love. That’s when you’ll recognize where you’ve made accomplishments, how your body looks better, or you finally see the path to your best life. Your soul is forever changing, there’s always room to become better and do more. This is an on-going journey. Have compassion for yourself now as you get comfortable with who you are and where you’re at. Accept yourself here.

This is when the self-love grows; when you are completely okay and at peace with this current version of you. Even if you aren’t where you want to be, or you’re not yet who you want to become, you understand that this version of you is still so worthy of love. Just as the next version of you will be. That's a love that will flow freely.

Juanita @ju6nita

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