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“A line that marks the limit of your areas”

But why is it so hard to do what is right for you?

To follow your right mind and actually follow through-

Day in and Day out, still repeating the same toxic habits…

As you literally scream and beg to yourself “you want change”

But no sound exits your mouth and no actions are made

We deny ourselves of self-love in the name of others, who are busy loving themselves

Taking all that you have to offer while giving nothing in return…

And for what?

We deny ourselves of genuine love

While speaking ill thoughts of ourselves, dimming our lights, allow others to shine around us

Constant negativity-

How can others love us properly, If we do not love ourselves first?

Self-love, a hard concept to grasp

Appreciating yourself as you are, for what you’ve accomplished- today..

  • Brey’✨

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