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September is 444 Self Love + Sensuality

Updated: Jun 22

This month's challenge is to get us back into alignment with our divine feminine energy. After being held accountable and recognizing where we’ve been in our own way, this month we will tend to those parts. We will unlock new levels of self love within and without our bodies. This month's challenge will help us understand how femininity isn’t solely subject to women, but in the mindset and actions we take toward ourselves. These prompts/questions are to be answered over the span of days and at your own expense. There is less structure to ensure flexibility for everyone’s personal paths!

SEPTEMBER VOCABULARY: poise, elegance, grace, compassion, sexual, sensual, mindset, embodying, intimacy, connectedness, inspiration, trust, safety, security, intuitive, magnetism

WEEK 1: Self Love Analysis

  • What is Self Love to you? What does this look like in action, in emotion, in mindset?

  • How would you define “femininity?”

  • Analyze your relationship with your feminine energy. How can you bring your “ideal self” closer to reality?

  • Create a personal goal(s), physical or not, that you’d like to achieve by the end of September [ex: I will be unapologetic when it comes to expressing my thoughts]

WEEK 2: Sapio, Sexual, Sensual

  • Identify the difference between Sapiosexual, Sexual, and Sensual Out of the 3, which one do you resonate with more?

  • List 3-5 ways you can portray any of the three personalities without limiting yourself. [ex: I can talk about my desires without wanting to act on them. I can act on my desires and be empowered by them.]

  • Look at your naked reflection and identify everything you were/are insecure about. Reclaim your power and pour it into those parts.

WEEK 3: “It would be nice if...”

  • Treat yourself to the things you always felt “would be nice if” someone did or got for you (flowers, shoes, a love letter, a spa date, bubble bath, etc... )

  • Sensualize yourself. Rework the idea that you can’t post your body because of the sexualization of a woman’s body.

  • What are some ways that you can be more compassionate with yourself and others?

  • In what areas of your life can you allow yourself more freedom?

WEEK 4: Sensual Seduction

  • Listen to The Art of Seduction audiobook, find ways to add more intention into the way you carry yourself.

  • Sensuality can be found in movement. The way you walk, the sway in your hips, the tension-free motion of your arms. Move around, move slowly. Create shapes and expressions with your body that convey a sexy side of you!

  • Find the sensuality in your wardrobe, from your choice in under garments, fitting of your jeans, style of your heels, even match pyjama or lingerie sets. Incorporate new and fitting garments into your closet that make you feel sexy.

  • Tap into your creative expression, or for a challenge try one outside your comfort zone! (Yoga, Dancing, Music, Writing, Pole Dancing, Drawing, etc... )


  • Were you doing any of these things prior to this month’s challenge?

  • Which week was the catalyst to your new mindset?

  • What’s the one prompt that was memorable throughout this challenge?

  • How has this challenge helped you?

  • What are you most proud of for participating?

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