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Collectively we all share admirably odd, yet similar, peculiar, habitual oddities making up individual personalities. Much like kinks, by textbook definitions are “non-conventional sexual practices, concepts, or fantasies” others perceive odd, yet hypocritically share. Tying into our genetic, experimental makeups of our sexual identity; branching out into the many doors of our sexuality. Let’s get Sapio, Sexual, Sensual.

Calling all sapiosexual babes, we’re here to let the world know our flag. According to interviews and research done around the world, one with the mind is our inner sexy, and we’re not afraid to show it too. There’s wisdom and beauty within knowledge; a burning passion in knowing more. When applied to our own needs, we’re best stimulated in our rest times catching up on the latest articles within the astronomy/astrology community, scientific engineering, the list continues on. Jamming to our favorite tunes with a face mask; sipping on a glass of wine, or our times can be better spent at a library, as well as an online platform speaking out on our inner interests. There’s sexy amongst intellect, own it.

Speaking of owning it, sexual hotties know how to work it best. Though to start, let’s spill the real tea on sexual energies. Sexuality is more than pleasure between two divine beings; it’s raw, reserved energy sparking forth, giving birth to creation, giving birth to life. Often linked and associated within our Svadhishthana, or better known as the Sacral Chakra. Located near the lower abdomen, and reproductive systems. According to Ram Jain, Svadhishthana means “dwelling place of the Self”, supporting personal expansion and exploration of sexuality, desires, and creativity.

The Sacral Chakra is associated with the bladder, kidneys, and reproductive organs. The element of water represents flow and flexibility. This energy assists in “letting go, accepting change, and transformation in life,” “Svadhishthana Chakra: All You Need to Know about the Sacral Chakra,”Sexual energies.” Applying this to oneself brings forth union in body as so the mind, as the reigns shifts from one another, into your own. Sex with oneself requires patience; exploration within every nook and cranny of the skin,body. Essentially we’re promoting self love through sexual healing; an important tool in reconnection of one's body often suffering from external trauma, as well as simply not being educated enough about our own pleasures. There are no true right or wrong ways to sexual healing, nor is it involved with literal pleasure at all. After all, sex is only a name for the unlimited potential it’s energy brings when tapped into from a different perspective.

Now let’s get sensual, sensual. Sensuality in its essence is an ever so gentle tap amongst the water's surface of our previous relative, sexual energy! To be sensual is to tap into the many senses of our body. Intune with every touch, movement, sound that displays a certain level of intimacy, vulnerability within the divine feminine energy. Often dancers of ballet, pole, even contemporary dancing make excellent forms of sensuality as they all exude a mystical, yet eye -catching art form of flow. To be sensual is to be caught up within the beautiful trance of the moment; the flow and confidence of owning your sexual energy and exuding it within non-conventional sexual settings. Think of it as a large flame that slowly burns, or the way a baker seems to be passionately kneading their dough in a way that feels unexplainably intimate yet is. It’s the same as seeing someone in their element, their inner emotions glowing outwardly when they’re just doing their thing. You see their passion, and the relaxed focus on themselves and what they’re doing. Rather than the energies and qualities spent making up its name; what are some songs, outfits, activities expressed that leave you feeling mystical? What fuels your confidence? You're sexy? How do those things represent sensuality to you?

Sexuality is more than feeble physical intimacy catering to a man’s needs. Sexuality can be empowering the divine feminine at her roots; promoting sexual healing throughout ones body and mind; promoting self love, body positivity. Enabling our creativity and inner knowledge within all that sparks our souls. Down below are just a few more hidden gems of my own ways we all can embody each and every one for ourselves, so pick a tea and get to sipping.


Sapiosexualitea: Best served anywhere with good eatery accompanied by a new/favorite book fixed on numerous topics tailored to one's own individualistic interests, or can be served alongside a self-gifted bouquet of their favorite flowers and intricate puzzle games. Escape rooms with friends and family, followed by documentary of choice movie nights can be enjoyed alone as well as with others. Get your face mask and favorite book, or put on your most sexy outfit and host an informative live, post reels, tiktoks, stories of your choice if you're one who likes to share or teach something with a sexy twist. Knowledge can be sexy too.

Sexualitea: Best served hot, and sipped on slowly with a little wine; turn up the sexy tunes, ones that uplift your confidence and bring out the more confident, sexy you. Embody your song; do it in sexy lingerie, a color you’ve always wanted to wear but felt as if you shouldn’t, or do it naked even. Sip to affirmations and admirations of your body in the mirror before a steamy night by yourself or with a partner. Celebrate you and all your sexiness. Paint, write, have your own little photoshoots. Be bold, be daring, express your inner sexy the way you believe represents you most. After all, we’re having it your way at the Mental Maintenance Cafe.

Sensualitea: Can be served hot or iced, but is best paired with some self care. Bump up the tunes, something nice and sexy, a song you’d find great for the bedrooms and dance, dance like no one's watching, dance for yourself the way you’d dance for another. Move your body, go the extra mile and do your hair, makeup;put on cute outfits even and take yourself out on dates, buy your own bouquet of flowers. Embody your divine feminine, and tap into your creative hobbies/gifts. Give all to yourself, as much as you give to others.

Dani @goahime

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