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Silent Nights

Silent Nights are expressions of the deepest reflection and spiritual longing for peace.

Silence, Discernment, Isolation.

These three have one thing in common; they all are misunderstood but allow you to get closer to Source. These three allow you the time to nurture not only yourself but the things you are trying to manifest and attract. Silence has allowed me to observe beyond physical perception in order to dig deeper and find my own alignment.

Silence has allowed me to withdraw from enemy forces, false or assumed identities, and wicked entitlements.

Those who are closest to Source know when to practice silence… when to retreat.

People despise what they do not understand, and silence can drive them crazy because the absence of your thoughts and opinions makes them anxious as to what you have observed, felt, or perceived.

In the act of silence you prohibit yourself from speaking not because you're anxious, fearful, or simply do not have anything to say, but because by not speaking you allow your brain, body, and spirit to process your emotions clearly without outside influence in order to create a balance between what your higher self needs and what you desire creating solidarity amongst you and Source.

Silence assists in identifying the use of your discernment, meaning you are able to indicate yourself and make decisions based on pure intuitive nature and knowledge without allowing irrelevant factors of judgment to change your understanding beyond human perception to obtain spiritual welfare.

Isolation like others carry a negative connotation, yet it strengthens our independence, patience, and outlook without relation to other people, places, or things, allowing us to separate our current realities with only the reality we desire.

I've learned that a reactive nature is built off of a rocky foundation time after time.

Sometimes we may perceive our environments, people, or opinions as attacks, but in reality, we may have not allowed ourselves the

Silence, Discernment, Isolation that we needed in order to understand what is occurring.

Your journey may seem full of suffering when it's full of outside noise until you finally decide that your silence is as powerful as your words.



In closing

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