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Sounds of Healing

The sound of repeating letters is appealing to ears. It sounds somewhat poetic, depending on what you hear. Long live the lover losing life, liberating their lows left and right. In a negative alliteration You are the lover, losing life the more your lows steal your light. In a positive, you are the lover luring in longevity, feeling as light as levitation. We all know that doing something over and over again, creates a habit, or a pattern. What if we view the cycles in our lives the way we see poetry? Do you think it could make the healing process a lot more bearable, balancing the practicality with spirituality? It would be a spin on what it’s like to romanticize your life. When you notice that one repeating letter in your cycles, it makes the alliteration way easier to recognize. This can go for saving habits, cleaning habits, thought patterns, daily routines, so on and so forth. It may start off as a tongue twister tripping you up every now and again, but with practice it’s a beautiful sonnet of your progression. You won’t rely on trauma bonding, or trauma responses to get you through because you can now identify, which letter started this long line of repeating factors. Fortunately, repetition can be beneficial for us. Repetition is how we acquire knowledge, it’s how we build and break habits, it helps us remember just as much as it helps us forget. You would remember phone numbers faster if they sounded like a song, rather than a tracking barcode. If n a creating new thought patterns, positive patterns can … turn your affirmations into alliteration, remind yourself of new mindsets by alliterating your message. Proving my point puts my perspective on a pedestal. If we can start creating new thought patterns, positive patterns by turn your affirmations into alliteration, it will enforce the reminder of new mindsets. Be comfrotably uncomfortable alliterating your message.

This is not to enforce toxic positivity, it is important we are present during times that aren’t our best. Our down time is the key to our up rising. When we repeatedly show up for ourselves, it starts a new cycle within our selves that allows us to love ourselves a little louder. The love you pour into self, will overflow into everything you do. It’s easy to connect with others on the things we don’t like, the way the world operates, or inconveniences of our daily lives, just as it’s easy to find what’ s wrong before you acknowledge what’s right. We as a collective, could make more meaningful connections using positive alliteration throughout your day to day conversations. The balance of both energy, knowing when to use each accordingly. It’s not going to happen over night, the key is to repeat until you see the results you want.

- @teyeshai

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