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Spiritual Spring Cleaning

As we welcome a new season, a new month, and celebrate the resurrection of God’s son, I believe that now is the time to passionately participate in a spiritual spring cleaning. However this may be viewed by you, no one way is the correct way. If you are looking for insight on how one can begin cleaning during this season, please continue reading…

You must first assess the mess that has become your life and identify what needs to be released. Mental blockages, if left unattended for too long, begin to manifest themselves into the physical realm. For example, this can be more frequent headaches, the inability to create art as you had before, the molding of food in your fridge, and lack of clean clothes that are washed, folded, and properly put away.

Something is troubling your spirit internally that is causing it to disrupt your life in a physical form. What is it that is causing such a disruption? Is it the people you have surrounded yourself with? Is it the amount of time that you spend on social media? Is this weight due to the fact that *insert name* neglected to come through like you had anticipated? Or have you yet to realize that you are in control and you have neglected taking responsibility for your life?

You must hold yourself accountable for finding and fulfilling the purpose that God has given to you. For as long as I can remember, with all of my chest I blamed the entire world for every inconvenience or failure that happened to me. After spending years lashing out at everyone for everything, I realized it had less to do with them and more to do with me. I needed to release this mindset of avoidance, shifting blame and impulsivity for a life of accountability and purpose. Why did I continue to get into these same situations? Why was I so miserable and unfulfilled? What were these situations truly attempting to teach me? What was God telling me? After careful reflection I realized my day-to-day schedule–my daily habits were what was attracting such a chaotic lifestyle to my person in the first place.

I was the root of my chaos. As soon as I realized this, I was required to change to receive the blessings that were rightfully awaiting me.

I took the time to acknowledge my insecurities and disadvantages. I documented my sins and failures. After my flaws had been written on a sheet of paper I created a new schedule for myself that would create a complete shift within my life and bring me closer to not only the woman that I was called to be but closer to God. Creating the schedule was the easier part. Abiding by the schedule I’d created was what would cause me great disdain and discomfort. But it was necessary.

You must practice self-discipline and focus on the task in front of you. Being given the gift of being a multifaceted artist, I found it extremely difficult to focus on the work in front of me. New ideas and pieces came to mind while I attempted to work on the one in front of me. A notification from social media would go off and now I found myself mindlessly scrolling rather than continuing to work on a piece. This lack of self-discipline and focus were the cause of such misfortune and delay in my life. But if I wanted to change, if I wanted to be made new again, I was to be completely focused on this one goal–cleaning up my life to create a newer me. I spent time in prayer. I spent time expressing my gratitude to God. I called on the universe for help. And I buckled down and began moving forward.

If you are currently in a space and needing to be made over, I hope that the newer version of you is brighter and better. Accountability, self-discipline, focus, and prayer are how I decided to start my spiritual spring cleaning. How will you?

Sunday Prayer (with Sarai):

“Oh Lord, create in me a clean heart, and renew a steadfast spirit within me! Hear the cries of my heart right now, for the uncleanliness that surrounds me is what the enemy has sought to use against me to kill and destroy me. I declare that by Your sovereign power and the faith that I have in You, I will be made clean for I am Yours and You came so that I may have life in You more abundantly. Amen.”

Psalm 51:10

Love, Always.

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