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Taurus New Moon Self Care/Shadow Work Prompts 5/11-5/14


The energy of this Taurus New Moon is very grounding, full of manifestation power and abundance. Many of us have been moving hastily or simply not analyzing where we have allowed discomfort or inner tension to remain in many areas of our lives. This energy is perfect to redirect ourselves and our perspectives, giving us a sense of new beginnings that actually align with everything we truly want in life. This New Moon emphasizes radical self care, meaning we need to stop neglecting ourselves by putting energy towards other things/people that don't serve us. There's an urge to break out of the tower of limiting situations and beliefs to overcome all barriers keeping us from reaching our manifestations. We must prioritize ourselves, release old energies that no longer resonate, and set solid intentions. In order to ensure we're attracting what we need, we must become IT. These shadow work prompts will help us be active, putting in the work needed to align ourselves with the path to new beginnings.

Inner Child Energy

This is the perfect time to tap into your inner child for inspiration and comfort. As Mariah mentioned in her reading, we need to get back to our "dreamer" mindset because that is our true, authentic essence.

Allow your inner child and who you are now to merge together. - Worlds0ul

Shadow Work Prompt: As a child, what was your biggest dream? Think about what made you lose the desire for that dream... What has held you back from making it come true? *Journal*

Self-Care Suggestion: Allow yourself to be a big ass kid!! Do a creative task you used to enjoy doing as a child-- activities like painting, completing a page in a coloring book, playing a game, etc.


Radical Self Care

Appreciate yourself and honor the space you are in. Emotions can be very tense during this time, so turn this discomfort into QUALITY "me" time. Set intentions for what you want to release and cleanse during your self care ritual.

Connect with fire and do candle work. Orange and green candles for success in growth, health, and wealth. - Worlds0ul

Shadow Work Prompt: One word, scripting! Get your manifestation journal and write out where you see yourself in the next 6 months to a year. Show gratitude for all of the blessings you are about to receive!

Self-Care Suggestion: Light some candles and take a relaxing bath. Add in any self care rituals that make you feel good, like a your in depth skin care routine or body hygiene routine. Acknowledge the difference in how you felt prior to your relaxing bath, and thank yourself for dedicating time to put your well-being first.



As discussed in Indiya's Taurus New Moon Astro Report, it is time to get a clear image of where you are and what you are working with. To reach the new beginnings we are longing for, we have to let go of old perspectives and negative self talk. Reframe your thoughts about whatever negative perceptions you have.

This is a self-imposed waiting period. He [referring to the hang man card during tarot reading] is here to gain a new perspective, so he can enlighten himself more. - Worlds0ul

Shadow Work Prompt: Finding the positives in a negative situation can be very healing, especially for past situations that you're holding onto. Let it go because it is weighing you down. Assuming you know exactly what I am referring to, write down what lessons from those circumstances you learned. How did you/will you take what was gained from these lessons to change for the better?

Self-Care Suggestion: Go outside and see the Earth in a new light. Take some time to reconnect with the Earth to gain new perspectives on everything around you that you may be taking for granted. Activities like meditating outside, doing yoga barefoot in the grass, catching butterflies, etc. can be very healing during this time.

Take what you need.

Begin releasing this New Moon in Taurus & prepare yourself to receive all good coming your way. Remember, to walk into your new life you’re going to have to first be okay with leaving your old life/self behind! Divine timing.

Visualize your highest self, then show up AS THEM.



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