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The Art of Preparation

I was listening to Jhené Aiko sing “all in divine timing..” when a small revelation hit me. See, I’ve been feeling stagnant these last couple of months. But ESPECIALLY lately when Mars moved into Cancer. Feeling like I wasn’t making progress where it mattered most, yet still pushing forth with blind faith. All I could think was “Why is everything moving so slow? I got shit to do and accomplish!” I just kept feeling like I was hitting wall after wall until something said to me “This is not a period of stagnancy, it is one of preparation.” and the whole game changed. I had all of these manifestations that I was just waiting idly by for. Like waiting for that summer body to come before I got more confident within myself, but how could I manifest a body to appreciate when I didn’t even appreciate the one I had already? I was waiting to be blessed with financial wealth but was irresponsibly spending that $50 the Universe blessed me with days before. I realized God/Universe/Divine will prep us in many ways to see if we even deserve what we asked for. They’ll give us a period to lay foundations for these manifestations and align ourselves with what we desire. They give us time and patience and compassion.. yet we sit there and pout thinking we’ve been punished with stagnancy. Sometimes we get so caught up in sulking that our manifestations come in - bombarding us - and we sabotage them because we are unprepared! We get caught up in “Ill never find love, males/females ain’t sh*t” that when the love we cried to God for shows up, we throw it in the trash. We can’t have no more of that! The cycle of us blocking our own blessings is OVER! It is a time to stay gracious and connected to the Divine so you’re never misinterpreting their intentions. I now embrace these slower moving cycles of life and recognize them as preparation, not punishment.

-Mariah 🌿

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