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The Purposeful Path

This Solar Eclipse New Moon combined with the many retrogrades we’re facing has shaken things up a lot. Not only in my life but in many others as well. A big theme brought up for me has been PURPOSE. How to identify it and how to know that you are aligned with your purposeful path. I want you to reflect back into your life and ask yourself “What repeated lessons have I gone through in different situations? What is one lesson that completely broke me?” That there is your purpose. Often we cannot identify what we are here to do, who we are here to serve. We get too caught up in what’s trendy, who is “poppin’” before us that we stop ourselves on our own journey to watch other people reach their finish lines. Most times our purpose is birthed from the most painful places, that we assume it’s not our path because it is filled with so much pain. The Divine does not put you in cycles to hurt you, it puts you there so that you can become a guru in whatever category that is. People who have been called to empower will go through continuous cycles of being put down, being made to be submissive and inferior to others until they learn to empower themselves. People who are meant to find the essence of life will go through so much loss until they figure out how to retain life within themselves and savor every moment, and this could be something as simple as making sure they immerse themselves in nature every day, so that they can smell, hear, and FEEL life around them. See purpose is not flashy, that is ego. We often think our purpose has to look a certain way or be publicized and admired by others when it doesn’t. This isn’t a rat race, it is a part of your ascension. When you begin to focus on “competition” and comparison you lose the essence of your purpose. It’s quite funny, because I serve a collective where we all do the same things in different ways because our purpose is the same but our paths are individualistic. Where we are all here to aid in the ascension of the collective and yet I find that so many of us get stuck comparing and competing with others. So much to the point where we lose the entire purpose of what we are doing. For one moment I ask that you breathe deeply and ask your soul “Where are you trying to guide me?” go there. Take tunnel vision on your journey. Walk by faith and not by sight and know that purpose is never correlated to what it should look like, but what it should FEEL like.

-Mariah 🌍

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