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The Seeds of An Orchid

written by Sarai Peterson @suhnrai.


Same Seed; Proper Nourishment 

An orchid will bloom. Even after her flowers have all fallen. After she turns brown and her stem hardens. She was once the physical embodiment of beauty, fertility and love. Now, just a withered plant waiting for the day that I decide to throw her away. 

And then there’s me. Unaware that this is what orchids do; bloom, rest, restore. Unaware that she is mirroring the state of being I was still learning to embrace.

The desire to understand why she’d left so suddenly was the reason I never did throw her away that day. Instead, I pulled the little white tab from her soil and read the details of her existence. I thought I’d already known what I needed in order to take care of her. I told myself, it’d be easy. Orchids just need sunlight, the occasional watering and she’s good — but after taking time to read, I understood I didn’t know how to nourish my orchid at full capacity because I never actually knew anything about the origin of an orchid.

I had this same mindset with Self; that maybe there was something wrong with my plant when she went through a season of sleep or withering. I made myself believe I wasn’t good enough. Sometimes, I tried to convince  myself that I needed to change my environment or the entire structure of my being when I just needed rest. Other times, it was me just needing to accept that I couldn’t grow in that type of environment, and take some time to re-pot.

Understanding the seed I bore and providing myself with the nourishment that I needed to grow allowed me to live in the abundance that all seasons of life provide. Some can grow through the cracks of concrete, while others grow in an open field. Your seeds, your flowers, your garden; it’ll be different from your neighbors garden, even if you get the same type of plants. Your Soul, your energy, your light; this too will be different from others that embark upon such a sacred journey. 

I bloomed again, and so will you. Just as my orchid, Priscilla, bloomed again too. 

What steps can you take to understand your garden more thoroughly? (Comment below!)

The Seeds of An Orchid is written by Sarai Peterson @suhnrai. She is the creator of Saroz Jewelry &. Accessories @sarozja and a dedicated writer for Mental Maintenance @444themental. You can join her for more on her Youtube Channel @SUHNRAI.

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