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The Voice Inside

The voice inside that is always talking does not define you. It is not talking to you nor is it addressing you or your life. It is simply just talking. If you sit back and watch your thoughts you will realize they have no relevance. Majority of the time, the cause of problems is not life itself, but it's the mindset attached around a problem.

We all experience times when we are feeling down and out and most times, it has to do with the way we are thinking. Our thoughts usually appear to be positive or negative, but the true determination is the meaning you assign to your thoughts, that is what shapes your mind.

"Whatever you focus on grows."

One of the first steps to combating negative thoughts is to embrace them. The cause of suffering is Pain and Resistance. Besides that, negative emotions are natural and honestly, completely unavoidable. Think of them as like the alarm that goes off, letting you know when something isn't right or that something needs to change. We usually do not like negative emotions because they are uncomfortable but understanding your negative feelings will only help you understand yourself and the situation at hand better.

“Anger and anxiety show that something needs to change and that perhaps our well-being has been threatened. Fear is an appeal to increase your level of safety. Frustration or resentment motivates us to change something in a relationship.”


The more you resist your negative feelings, pushing them to the side, the stronger they will get and when we remain neutral, it brings you closer to what you are afraid of. However, when you acknowledge the negative feeling- whether it's sadness, anger or jealousy, embrace it, sit with it, accept that you are feeling this way and try to understand why you are experiencing this feeling. Think about the lesson in this feeling, contemplate what you can learn from the experience and what you can do differently next time. The more you sit with your feelings, the better you will be able to understand yourself, preparing you to take action to raise your vibrations and also creates new paths for you to handle tough situations.

It can be very uncomfortable sitting in your feelings and actually acknowledging them but you must allow room for inner transformation. Elevation requires your willingness to transform from all your previous conditioning, letting go of past fears, eliminating limiting beliefs and embracing a changed mindset. When you allow yourself to be in a place of allowance, a deep surrender to life and all that it has to offer, an inner transformation can begin. Holding onto negative thoughts or the narrative behind why you’re having negative thoughts, even holding onto past patterns, beliefs and egotistical structures constricts you. The inner transformation begins when you stay in allowance, not holding onto every thought and emotion that you experience, seeing them, understanding them, but not allowing them to change you- staying objective.

Stopping negative thoughts takes practice and starts with not focusing on people or situations that bring you down, instead focus on doing the things that bring you peace and people who love you and that you love. Raising your vibration is an easy and quick way to combat the negativity. Staying focused on you and what you're doing allows you to practice the highest and most important form of love, self-love and helps you to understand you and your place in the world.

Brey’ @aura.inked

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