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Think Big, Keep Cautious

From the moment one feels that push, that urging nudge in stepping out from the comforts of the known; “what ifs” sink their fangs within the subconscious. Planting seeds of self-limiting beliefs, doubts, fears feeding a false narrative of one’s present, future. It’s the very thing that keeps those seeking more, caged up within the comforts of their bubble; seemingly unable to spread their wings and flow. A false identity known as ego, and it’s high time we starve it.

Ego comes in various forms, not one for the “one size fits all troupe.” Many claim ego as one’s mass makeup of self-sabotaging, self-harming habits and beliefs rooted within the soil of unhealed wounds, trauma; others take ego to face value. Quite often associated with one’s self-perception that’s then projected onto others; Sean Lawlor, however, defines Ego as part of one’s psyche framing one’s world view. He continues throughout his article, “Understanding The Ego in Psychology, Spirituality, and psychedelics,” often describing Ego as the filter of our perception. What we, as individuals take in from the world and how those outside experiences we internalize within ourselves shape our overall perspective. Down to our beliefs, fears, desires, dreams, all the key components making up “self.”

According to Sean Lawlor’s 2020 PsychedelicTimes article: “Ego might be best understood as the way our narratives of self and world affix reality to the structure of our lives. But these narratives cannot always be reduced to words. They include embodied responses, such as anger at traffic or judgment over someone’s political leanings. According to David Foster Wallace’s 2005 Kenyon College commencement speech, these narratives constitute our default setting: “a close-mindedness that amounts to an imprisonment so total that the prisoner doesn’t even know he’s locked up.”-Understanding The Ego in Psychology, Spirituality, and psychedelics.

Doubt, confusion, self-limitations are some of many attributes associated with ego, not to be mistaken with one’s intuition, however, it is easy to confuse the two when out of tune with one’s self. Intuition, or as spiritualists and people alike like to say, the sixth sense; can be commonly referenced as the third eye, or for those looking to get into the technicalities of it all, the Ajna chakra. Michelle Fondin on trusting your intuition elaborates more on how: “The Ajna Chakra is in the area of the third eye, which is found in the space between the eyebrows. It encompasses the pituitary gland, eyes, head, and lower part of the brain.”-Trust Your Intuition With The Sixth Chakra.

Intuition can be mostly described as wisdom beyond self; the ability of knowing without truly knowing. An inner knowledge guiding one’s self towards the path of becoming their highest self, and is said to reveal insights into the future, should they be open and willing to listen. This chakra establishes: “a connection with the external world through inner vision.”- Ram Jain, Ajna Chakra Your Third- Eye Chakra Awakening. Learning to master one’s third eye allows us the ability to move beyond worldly desires and distractions Ego would fall prey to. When the Ajna Chakra is awakened: “ it increases consciousness and transcends to a higher realm.”-Ram Jain.

Now having established and distinguished Ego/Higher Self, here’s just a few tips and tricks on just how one can starve the ego, and take the reins in feeding their soul; heightening their inner awareness as to no longer succumb to self-sabotaging beliefs/habits:

Intuitive Exercises:

“To start building your confidence, start using your intuition and gut feelings to make simple decisions in your life. Whether it is using your intuition to pick the perfect meal at lunch or using your intuition when dealing with coworkers or your children, see if you can flex your muscle at least 2-3 times per day.”- Tanaaz, “4 Ways To Tap Into Your Sixth Sense.”

Ask For Signs:

“You can also use your inner sense to ask for guidance to make the right decisions. Taking into account your mind, intellect, and ego, you are now including your soul in the decision-making process. Just as you turn to the third chakra in the area of the solar plexus to guide you with comfort or discomfort, you will pay attention to a hunch or a subtle feeling of moving forward or holding back. If you are conflicted, ask for your sense of intuition to be opened to you to help give your mind the clarity it needs to make the right choice.”- Michelle Fondin, “Trust Your Intuition With The Sixth Chakra.”

Take Time Out:

“We live in a busy, noisy world. The more you can tune into the wisdom of silence within you, the more likely it is that you will hear your inner voice speaking to you. It may not come in words, but pictures, hunches, and feelings; begin to act on the information that is given to you and open yourself up to the process of trusting your intuition.”- Power Of Positivity, “10 Ways To Sharpen Your Sixth Sense.”

Dream Journal:

“Whether you acknowledge it or not, we all have dreams and inner visions that lead us in a specific direction. Pay attention to the information that you get, and ask what the purpose of this information is and how it is meant to serve you in life. Asking will open up a whole new world of answers, and the ride is exhilarating.”- Power Of Positivity, “10 Ways To Sharpen Your Sixth Sense.”

Keep a journal on deck for when you wake up and can vividly recall every detail within your dream; log them in to look over for any patterns, messages, symbolic imagery present that you may feel significant in some way to you.

So for the next time, you’re wanting to manifest, and that same manifestation reels in close, may you hesitate less, and move forward anew, knowing you’re exactly where you need to be. Co-creating alongside the universe, the world you’ve once thought of as a dream; that ego would once deem as unattainable. My last, dearest advice, think big, keep cautious.



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