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Time to Take Action

Updated: Jul 2

It is time to stop making excuses and time to begin to take full responsibility over your life. Allowing anyone else the power to control what your life will become has already caused so much confusion, delay and setback. You cannot continue to give your power away by leaving your future entirely up to them. Starting today, you will get up, realign with your goals and take the steps necessary in order to reach them!

James 2:17, “Faith without work is dead.”

Vision and intention are not enough; prayer and scripting are not enough. Hoping someone else will do the work for you is not ever going to be enough! If you want it, you must get up every day and work for it.

I understand you may currently be in a position where it is difficult to have complete control over your life. Please do not use this as an excuse to do nothing at all; to not do what can be done today in order to get you out of your current situation. You putting in the work now may allow you to get out sooner than expected. Each day, write a list of at least 3 things that you know require your attention. Each day, hold yourself accountable and make it your sole responsibility to see that your list is completed.

I understand this may all be now to you, you have no mentor, additional help from friends or family, and essentially you are doing this all alone. Do not allow this to hold you back or stop you from living the life you deserve to! Go to your local library, talk to strangers in public, join clubs at your school or around your city that will have you actively and physically involved. Simply begin to put yourself in the position to gain more knowledge, expand your art, develop a better network and move yourself forward.

There are thousands of people with a dream, with that business idea that’ll break generational curses, with that work ethic that will get them that promotion, with that talent and skill to create the most beautiful pieces of art-but there are equally thousands of people who simply do not put in the work!

It’s not that the Universe hates you or that your timing has yet to align. Source is always working in your favor. It is simply your turn to take the steps necessary to achieve your dreams.

- Sarai, @5arais

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