W’s of Life

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

I came across a quote about the “5 W’s of Life”. I was inspired to expand on them.

WHO [who you are]

You are the best version of yourself when you are authentic. Learn to love yourself. You will look like an idiot trying to force comfortability in someone else's identity. Don’t try to change who you are for anyone. Stop believing & accepting what someone who did not know their own identity told you that you are. Let the shame of old mistakes you’ve made go. That no longer defines you.

WHAT [what lies ahead]

In my previous article, I mentioned how people are afraid to walk away because of the fear of not knowing what they’ll walk into next. What lies ahead will always be a mystery, but there is a destined plan for you. Right now, you are exactly where you need to be, so don’t stress too much about where you could be or where you’re going to be because then you are paralyzed in your purpose. Move in faith not in fear. It is not faith if you can figure it out. Faith begins where understanding ends.

James 2:19 "do not have the same faith as demons, even they believe there is a God who can do."

WHEN [when you fall]

When you fall, pick yourself back up. Nobody else will do it for you. Everyone says they’re willing to help until it’s time to help. You have to be the person who falls & gets back up no matter what because you trust God will have your back if you stumble again. When life pushes you, you have the power to push back harder. You can rise against any tribulation. If you focus on building a solid foundation of faith & not put your confidence in outside things, even if you fall, being in the will of God is closer to a safe landing.

WHERE [where there are choices to make]

There will be times in your life where there will be choices that you have to make. Make the choices that are influenced by only you & God. Try not to be too hasty with decision making because the right thing at the wrong time is a curse. Be sure that you heard a "GO" from God. Be committed to God's purpose not your preference.

WHY [why things happen]

Everything happens for a reason, but the reason may not be known on the spot. Things have happened in my life that I questioned why for so long. Months later, it all made sense. You have to believe that God will use the things during your storm to create a miracle. Sometimes God sends scheduled trials just to get us desperate enough to turn back to Him, so before getting all worked up, just ask yourself who you think really sent this storm. Why things happen won’t always be certain. Try not to question. Let things be.

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