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Watch Your Mouth!

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

A while back, I remember stumbling across a post on Twitter where Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto, performed an experiment using water and words in the 1990s.

When labeling the water with words and phrases such as “I hate you“ or “fear“ etc., the water would freeze over into gray clumps which you could visibly see. And if you could imagine when using phrases such as “I love you“ or “happy“, the water would freeze over into beautiful crystals which you could visibly see as well —An actual representation of the power of words!

You can read more about all of this in his book “The Hidden Messages in Water”.


As I've grown older, I’ve been able to realize for myself, the true power of words and learning that you can most definitely speak ill will upon yourself if you are not mindful of what you allow yourself to absorb.

Sound moves through water 4x faster than it does in the air. So with our bodies being at least 70% percent water, when constantly shit talking to yourself you can see how fast those words are absorbed and observed causing a decrease in your vibrations.

Our brains also learn through repetitive actions, doing things over and over again. When speaking or just using words in general, we definitely use a lot of the same vernacular, mannerisms etc. Most of us definitely tend to repeat bad words over and over again to the point of convincing ourselves that those bad words are actually true when they are most likely false.


When speaking the same words over and over again, this behavior goes hand in hand with the phenomenon of the “Truth Effect”.

The “Truth Effect“ is basically anything that we see, read, or speak repeatedly, we will eventually believe to be true, whether it actually be true or not (as I mentioned in previous paragraphs).

“If we are not fully conscious of what we are exposing ourselves to, consistency will trump truth every time”.

8 ways to become more self aware of the words you use!

  1. Start familiar

Jot down words you use on a regular basis and figure out what impact they have on you and why you tend to use them often in the first place. What words can you replace?

2. Stop name calling or using unnecessary self criticism

Allow yourself room for grace , realize where you tend to do things for instant gratification and figure out how to flip a switch so that you allow room for mistakes. We are all doing the best we can with what we have!

3. No more self depreciation

Stop making yourself the butt of the joke. In terms of using it to cope, find healthier ways to cope because you deserve that! Energy is literal, it can’t tell that you are joking!

4. Stop Gossiping

Whenever you are gossiping or expressing something that irritates you, try and see if it irritates you not because the other person is doing it but because you may see yourself in that person based on the actions they are presenting.Your irritants within the way people act may resonate with something inside of you more than you may think.

5. Go on a negativity detox

You may be using words and not realizing they are more negative than you thought.

Ex. Instead of saying “I am chasing the bag” say “I am attracting an abundant flow of money at all times”. Chasing implies that something is running away. The more you chase, the more it runs.

6. Boost the positivity of words

Use the most intricate words you can find when expressing a sense of positivity, happiness etc. Increase the frequency of your being and your words to the max!

Ex: Instead of saying “I feel good about the work I created today“, you can say “I feel SUPERB about the work I’ve created today!”

7. Check your surroundings

Oftentimes it may not even be us directly lowering our frequencies but instead the things we surround ourselves by. If you can’t eliminate negative surroundings completely, try and limit your time around them. Be mindful of what you give your energy to and what you allow your energy to be around.

8. Always have positivity around

Wear clothes that make you feel good. Do things that make you happy as much as you can. Start your day writing about everything that brings you joy and how grateful you are. Make it a consistent consecutive effort to raise your frequencies and be the best you you can be!

Tee @poisedmentality

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