When I Feel Like Being Lazy

I have to remind myself that being lazy is a concept. A subjective act of doing. So when I feel lazy I try my best to let myself feel these feelings.

Try not to weigh my worthiness based on the amount of work I'm doing. or lack thereof.

Working on not making myself feel like the only reason I can be lazy is because I’ve been working all day and I deserve this. This is my reward.

I'm being lazy simply because I feel like it. Being alive and getting up today and realizing that you feel the need to be “ lazy “ is more than enough reason to actually do so.

And by no means is this an excuse to lay around everyday but sometimes being lazy is great self care.

By being lazy I'm resting my body. I'm giving myself time to gather my thoughts and finally check in with myself.

By being lazy I find comfort within myself to wait until after 6pm to take my first shower of the day and spend all day in my pajamas because I can do whatever I want on days when I’m feeling lazy.

When I feel like being lazy I remind myself that no one deserves to be working all the time and everyone deserves a day to relax and simply be. Regardless of the motive used to do so.

Tee @poisedmentality

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